The Floyd Series: Part III


(This is Part III of a series. Click here to read Part I and here to see Part II)


It has been over ten years since we first conceived of Green Label Organic: Sustainable Threads as an organic cotton clothing line. Our mission from the start was not only to produce super soft, super comfortable, certified organic cotton clothing, but to also design and manufacture the entire line in America, and as local to Floyd as is reasonably possible. We'd like to think we were a little ahead of the curve back then. That was before the word “GREEN” was synonymous with all things environmental, eco friendly, sustainable, healthy and positive.

Before we knew it, the word green had taken on a life of its own. Our plan from the beginning was to use our organic cotton T-shirts as a platform to deliver positive eco conscious messages with a touch of humor and sincerity, so, we were in the right place at the right time.

Since then, we have had the joy of championing through our designs and messaging, so many of the important issues of the day, environmentalism, conscious consumption of all things, supporting local economies, supporting American ideals and most importantly, respect for our planet, respect for labor and respect for ourselves.

This year we have doubled up on our commitment to Support Local. We took a leap of faith and totally remodeled our warehouse building here in Floyd. We now have a dedicated fun and funky retail space to highlight not only our own organic cotton clothing, but lots of other cool brands that are locally made, Made in America, artisan goods, and in general, all things that have a positive story around them.

One of our favorite new local brands is Hays, North Carolina’s own Harmony Acres Soap Co., where Dale and Corey Emmons and their 10 children produce beautiful, yet simple handcrafted soaps and lotions from ingredients like 100% unrefined organic Shea butter. They use only the finest natural ingredients and all soaps and lotions are paba free, and palm oil free.

We are also now featuring Made in the USA, Maruca hand bags, wallets and accessories, all designed original styles… even the textiles are made in America!

We have new brands and interesting new items coming in all the time. So, if you’re looking for something special that also supports your values, we offer unusual gifts, organic cotton T-shirts, tops and clothing for men, women and children, all at outlet prices. So, come on down and look around, it’s a fun place to spend some time and shop local.

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