The Floyd Series: Part I


As some of you may know Green Label Organic is located in Floyd, VA, which is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains just off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Each spring Floyd opens it's borders and hearts to a plethora of tourists and for the next 6 months our town is a diverse and vibrant mix of locals and out-of-towners.  Our guests use the local Floyd Magazine to find great restaurants, music and nearby attractions.  For the past several years George Lipson, co-owner of Green Label Organic, has written for or been interviewed for the magazine.  In this 3-part series we will post one article from the archives each week. Don't let the word 'archives' scare you off, because these articles are just as timely today as they were then.  (Some shirt styles have been changed to reflect our current lineup)


Floyd is home to one of the coolest organic cotton clothing brands in America.  When husband and wife, George and Rain Lipson along with their dog Casey, partnered together to create Green Label Organic, their mission was a simple one: to promote respect. Respect for the environment, respect for working people everywhere and respect for ourselves through the choices we make.

George explains, “the inspiration for our clothing company comes from the changes we would like to see in the world including increased environmental consciousness, organic farming, social responsibility, and green business practices that align people, the planet and profits.”

George is a long-time T-shirt designer who has worked in the rock-and-roll industry with bands such as the Grateful Dead and the Beatles. Rain is a passionate organic gardener and a lifetime environmentalist. Together they have built a local, family-run company that sells their clothing to stores all over the US, Canada and several countries around the world. Maybe you’ve seen them at Whole Foods Market or REI, the premier US retailer of outdoor activity products.

Green Label Organic is considered one of the pioneers of the sustainable clothing movement. After learning about the severe environmental impact of conventionally grown cotton, George and Rain set out to inform as many people as possible about the negative environmental effects of many of today’s conventional farming practices. They then embarked on a mission to produce the best quality, locally made, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable clothing possible. “Most people are unaware of the extreme use of herbicides, pesticides, and defoliants in the production of conventionally grown cotton,” Rain explains. “It takes approximately 1/3 of a lb. of these chemicals to grow enough conventional cotton to produce just ONE t-shirt. Conventionally grown cotton is the second most pesticide-laden crop in the world. Most people will be shocked to know that coffee is the first!!”

Avoiding these toxic and carcinogenic chemicals allows Green Label Organic to produce deliciously soft, 100% certified organic cotton t-shirts and tops that are manufactured in the USA in fair labor factories. Each shirt is printed with a patented printing technology that uses no plastics or other harsh chemistry and is then garment dyed with low impact dyes that contain no heavy metals. Green Label offers super soft, easy to wear, fun clothing with a point of view. They will surely become your very favorites!

“We are particularly proud of our Support Local design which has become our best selling design to date. In fact, George adds, our Support Local shirts can be found at more than 200 local retail shops and farmer’s markets throughout the USA.”

Green Label Organic makes going green a little easier with affordable, stylish and comfortable organic cotton clothing for all ages. The Outlet Store, located on the corner of Oxford and Fox Streets here in Floyd, features their branded line of organic cotton clothing for men, women and children. While there, check out the new Listen shirts and see the classic women’s designs featured in the beautiful FemZen collection. In addition to their own brand, the Outlet Store also offers a selection of other organic clothing brands and sustainable gift items.

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