The Backwards Brain Bicycle


We are huge bike fans at Green Label Organic and recently came across a YouTube video by SmarterEveryDay. In this video an engineer named Destin tries to ride a 'backwards brain bicycle'. The only difference between this custom bike and a normal bike is when you steer left you go right and when you steer right you go left. Doesn't sound that difficult, right? Destin shows us that is certainly not the case. Check out his video below:

What a trip huh? 

Destin ends the video by saying "knowledge doesn't equal understanding." And "that we need to be careful how we interpret things in life, because we're almost assured to be working off our own bias and not necessarily a complete understanding of the topic at hand." Kudos to Destin for retraining his brain to ride the backwards bicycle and reminding us that knowledge doesn't equal understanding.

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