The Appalachian Trail, Step by Step


At Green Label Organic we do more than sell eco-friendly t-shirts. We walk the talk of not only supporting organic farming and sustainable business practices, but we also know the importance of living an active and healthy lifestyle.

For instance, one of our co-founders, George Lipson, is a huge tennis fan and plays every chance he gets. His wife, Rain, also co-founder of Green Label Organic, has been organic gardening and supporting the organic food industry for over 30 years. Tommy, our eCommerce Manager, is no exception. He was born and raised in West Virginia where he spent most of his daylight hours outside fishing, hiking, paddling and cycling.

Living an active lifestyle is important for many of our customers too. Our hiking and cycling tees are hugely popular with both women and men, and several of our outdoor designs are featured at REI every spring and summer. Many of our loyal customers are the same folks who support REI. They love to spend time outdoors, whether it's running a 5-K, paddling down their local waterways or conquering their favorite trails. In fact, Tommy is one of them too. He recently finished hiking the Appalachian Trail and wrote a book about it.

Tommy spent 14 year section hiking the Appalachian trail and learned quite a bit about preparing and planning multi-day to multi-week treks on the trail. If you are thinking about hiking the AT or know of someone who is interested tell them to check out Tommy's book called The Appalachian Trail, Step by Step: How to Prepare for a Thru or Long Distance Section Hike.

We'd love to hear more about your outdoor adventures. Like us on Facebook and tell us how you're spending your adventure time! In the meantime, check out this video of Tommy telling about the Trail Head T-Shirt.

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