​Anatomy of a Green Label Organic T-Shirt: Part 4 - Garment Dyed


This is the final post in a series that is intended to help inform you about the various production aspects that make a Green Label Organic T-Shirt stand out as one of the most trusted and sustainable brands in the marketplace. In each of our past posts we discussed one aspect of how Green Label T-shirts are produced and why our shirts are decidedly more eco-friendly.

Anatomy of a Green Label Organic T-Shirt

From its inception our company has focused on bringing our customers the best quality organic cotton clothing. A key component in achieving this goal is using a process known as Low-Impact Garment Dyeing. In this process we first produce a garment that is sewn with all organic cotton materials that are ready to receive a softer fiber-reactive dye. Fiber reactive dyes and the individual garment dyeing process are all a part of what makes our shirts so extraordinarily soft and comfortable and also what gives our shirts that very special "patina".

Just as importantly, our low impact dye process is gentler on the environment, as there is far less chemistry involved than there is with conventional dyes that can be toxic. And, an added bonus to garment dyeing is our t-shirts and tops are completely pre-shrunk during the process. This is beneficial to helping our customers find the right fit the first time.

We hope you enjoyed these Anatomy of a Green Label Organic T-Shirt posts. The goal was to not only help inform and educate on why we do what we do, but that this information will be considered when buying other apparel in the future.

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