Anatomy of a Green Label Organic T-Shirt: Part 3 - Artfully printed without PVCs or other harsh chemistry


This is part three in a series of posts (click here for Part 2) that is intended to help educate people on the various aspects of what makes a Green Label Organic T-Shirt one of the most trusted and sustainable brands in the marketplace. In each post we will discuss one area of how our t-shirts are made and why it is more eco-friendly, soft, comfortable and sustainable than most t-shirts available today.

Anatomy of a Green Label Organic T-Shirt

Most conventional cotton printed t-shirts are printed with plastisol inks and something called phylates. PVC's (Polyvinyl Chloride) are plastics. Phylates, used to make plastics soft and malleable, are known to be potentially carcinogenetic. When discussing the chemicals typically used in printing a cotton t-shirt one could go in many directions. One direction is to focus on the environmental concerns, while another could be the human health concerns. While both of these are topics are notable to elaborate upon let's take this discussion in an entirely different direction - one towards comfort.

This is a t-shirt on plastisols and phylates:

Printed using Plastisols

and this is a t-shirt using patented rehance printing technology:

Printed using natural and eco-friendly dyes

Any questions? Let's talk about how this relates to your comfort. Notice how the plastic on the top picture looks like a congealed blob? This is a soup of plastics that rests directly on your body. Over time, through wearing and washing, this plastic will begin to crack and peel. This plastic does not breath and therefore may cause you to perspire behind the print. In contrast, our eco-friendly printing process integrates our low impact inks with the fiber, not sitting on top of the shirt; therefore, our t-shirts are completely breathable, comfortable and soft. If you run your hand over our tees you will feel soft ring spun cotton, not plastic. 

Take the comfort challenge and wear one of our t-shirts outside on a 90 degree day and then wear a plastisol shirt. We guarantee the Green Label Organic shirt will win out every time. 

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