​Anatomy of a Green Label Organic T-Shirt: Part 2 - Sustainably Made in America


This is part two (click here for Part 1) in a series of posts that is intended to help educate people on the various aspects of what makes a Green Label Organic T-Shirt one of the most trusted and sustainable brands in the marketplace. In each post we will discuss one area of how our t-shirts are made and why it is more eco-friendly, soft, comfortable and sustainable than most t-shirts available today.

Anatomy of a Green Label Organic T-Shirt

Green Label Organic has been producing organic and Made in America t-shirts for over 10 years now. When George and Rain first started the business they knew they wanted their t-shirts to be fair made in the USA using 100% organic ring spun cotton and low impact dyes. It took some effort to build up the channels, but they were successful in finding partners to help produce a top quality, eco-friendly, Made in America premium t-shirt.

All of our t-shirts and tops use certified organic cotton that was spun, sewn, printed and dyed by American workers. It is more expensive to use American labor, versus cheap labor overseas (find out more here), but we feel strongly about doing the right thing and supporting the American economy. We also respect the environment and the people who produce our shirts so we never use PVCs, phylates or other harsh chemicals in the print and dyeing process.

Green Label Organic is fortunate to have very loyal following who believe in what we do. Some support us because we produce everything in the USA, others because we use 100% super soft organic cotton; while others like our graphics and messages. We give thanks daily for our customers and love hearing from them via phone, email and by reviews on our website.

We also value and respect other companies who choose to employ Americans to produce their products. Below are a few websites focused primarily on helping online shoppers find Made in the USA products. Check them out and help to support other Made in America businesses:




Join us next week for the third installment of our series titled: Anatomy of a Green Label Organic T-Shirt: Artfully printed without PVCs or other harsh Chemistry.

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