3 Top Summer Music Festivals you might find Green Label Organic


We at Green Label Organic not only love live music, but love the opportunity to get out of the office and meet our fans face-to-face. And vending at music fests are a great way to do it. Here are 3 summer music festivals you might find Green Label Organic:

Merlefest Music Festival

1) Merlefest. A self-described ‘traditional plus’ music festival. As they say on their website, “…meaning the traditional music of the Appalachian region plus whatever other styles we were in the mood to play.” This is very true as you will hear anything from old-time, bluegrass and gospel to blues, Americana and new grass.

The festival has about 75k attendees each year, but it doesn’t feel crowded at all. It’s located on a college campus (Wythe Community College) and the music is spread out among various stages. Plus, they have a great vendor area where one can take a break from the music and do some shopping, or stop by and say hello to us!

FloydFest Music Festival

2) Floydfest. Floydfest is one of our favorite summer music festivals not only because it’s on our own home turf, but because of the variety of music. Floydfest, like Merlefest, has multiple stages and at any given time you can hear rock-n-roll on one stage, bluegrass on another and electronica on yet another.

Floydfest is a fairly small venue topping 15k visitors, but it can get pretty intimate on a Saturday night when everyone in attendance is headed to the main stage to hear the headliner. Also, Floydfest is one of the most kid-friendly music festivals around. They have a whole area called the Children’s Universe where kids can play, participate in crafts, listen to music, attend magic shows, et cetera.

Interlockin Music Festival

3) Interlockin. I must admit Green Label Organic hasn’t attended ‘Lockn’ yet, but we’re considering it as another close-to-home option. Specific attendance numbers were not easy to find, but there were spotted reports of 25-50k visitors per year. They, like Floydfest, are also known for a variety of activities other than music. At Lockn you can bike, go swimming, participate in yoga and get involved in a variety of other non-music activities.

So there you have it. 3 Top Summer Music Festivals you mind find Green Label Organic. If you happen to make it out to one of the music fests above please stop by our booth and say hi, we always love connecting with our fans in person.

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